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1.5-2-3% daily, 15-20-30% week, 150% month
Min/Max: 13 $ / 13000 $
Referral: 7-2-1-1-0.5-0.3-0.2-0.1-0.05-0.03%
Withdrawal: manual
All Status: ISP - HYIP's Technical Analysis AHS
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Our Investment: $104.00
Payout Ratio: 29%
Last Payout: Oct 26th, 2018
Added: Oct 3rd, 2018
Monitored: 28 days
Lifetime: 30 days
The main goal of creating the Exspace platform is to provide everybody with the opportunity to acquire the fast-growing EXS token and invest it in the activities of professional traders without any effort or waste of time. The project has several plans: daily, weekly and monthly; each works until reaching 150%, the deposit is included in the accruals. We buy a token (EXS) for bitcoin, it comes to the balance of the project, then we invest it in the selected trader, the profit is calculated in the token. The token is derived by exchanging the token for bitcoin.
Bitcoin Ethereum
SSL DDOS Unique Design Customized Script
Payout Ratio: 29%
Profit: $30.59 in 2 payouts
Investment: $104.00 in 1 spends

Type Date Amount Comment
Profit Oct 26th, 2018 $15.63 Received BTC октябрь 26 2018 @ 12:22 ночи To: 1AB1ruxBeK2YoZNUZ5ZUnTc4iU9SNZCy2B From: 3LasZQ6ADoqF2zUeDPyinRjWtPVJMdxeGr $15,63 0.0024 BTC
Profit Oct 11th, 2018 $14.96 RECEIVED октябрь 11 2018 @ 2:20 дня To: 1AB1ruxBeK2YoZNUZ5ZUnTc4iU9SNZCy2B From: 3GKh1rmdU2wAQHt6d6Lb3gMsL5xnE93h94 Add a description Transaction Confirmed Value when received: view
Spend Oct 3rd, 2018 $104.00 SENT октябрь 3 2018 @ 6:08 вечера To: 3GB4eJPu79aodjtD7eW2MDwvKs7nGG2fwn From: 1AB1ruxBeK2YoZNUZ5ZUnTc4iU9SNZCy2B Add a description Transaction Confirmed Value when sent: view